Monday, January 31, 2011

SharePoint Foundation 4 Admins session- the remix.

Hi there everybody,

An observant anonymous reader of this blog discovered, not too long ago, that Microsoft had deleted the recordings of the sessions I'd done last year. I had them posted in a previous blog entry, and I apologize to those of you who might have tried to access those links.

To make it up to you, I am going to re-record those sessions, by offering them, live, for free, again. This time I will be using Freebinator to broadcast the events. This product is free, runs in the browser (no client to download and install), but it does use flash heavily, so be forewarned. In addition, the reason it is free is it is ad driven, so be prepared to see advertising. I know that's unfortunate, but it has a bunch of features that are really nice (such as giving me control over my recordings).

My first re-recording session will be tomorrow, 2/1/2011, at 1p Eastern time (until 3p, or whenever we're done). The topic will be "Preparing for SharePoint Foundation and Standalone Installation." I will post the registration link here. Please realize this is the first time I will be broadcasting using this product, so I will be expecting feedback concerning performance.

Please note that I am testing out the registration form, and there will be a survey form after the session as well. This session and all others will be recorded. This includes not just my shared desktop, but the text chat where your can make comments and ask questions. Please keep those comments and questions safe for work. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hey C.A.! Anonymous again, thanks for re-recording the session as promised. Looking forward to the next session(s). Is there a way to get on a mailing list so I will know when I might catch the next one live?

Callahan said...

No problem, I am determined to have some good recordings out there somehow. ; )

There are a few ways to get on a mailing list/keep informed about my sessions. The easiest is to join my "Callahans SharePoint Foundation 4 Admins Events" group in facebook. I dialog a lot there with my attendees, planning new sessions, querying about what material to cover, what medium to use, as well as announcing new session times, dates, and posting links.
Another easy way is to follow me on twitter- @cacallahan (or at least check my tweets from time to time). I post each new session at least a few days in advance. That should change to a few weeks in advance as the year progresses (and I find broadcast tools I can trust).