Saturday, October 4, 2008

Podcast- Introduction to WSS 3.0, part 2 (second posting)

This podcast continues my introduction to WSS 3.0, containing introductory information about web applications and site collections, especially as they pertain to design planning. It covers a lot of details, and is almost 30 minutes in length (25MB).

The podcast covers topics such as:

  • Web Applications and Site Collections are in terms of planning and design
  • Concepts on the hierarchy of administration
  • Suggestions concerning design planning for WSS 3.0.

To access the podcast, be sure you click on the Title of this blog entry.

(I have discovered that, if you read this entry from Amazon, you can't just click my post title to access the podcast. So for you, click here for the podcast. Also, for those coming from Amazon, this is the second publishing of this post-- it was originally pulled because it lacked this link and I needed to replace the mp3)

My sincerest apologies for the delay (of several months...), but life got unexectedly busy.

I've also been having some technical difficulties. Namely, my old and trustworthy Logitech headset was starting to go south, so I experimented with several new ones. All of them sucked in comparison. Sad really.

So this recording was made on a stand alone microphone (logitech). I am not crazy about the tinny, low volume, distant quality of it, but it's okay. I'll probably invest in something better in the future.

I used Audacity (1.2.6) to record it, but I tried the 1.3.5 beta version to try to clean out the background hums and crackles. I have noticed that at about 12 minutes, the recording changes pace and pitch, speeding up. I suspect, because this has happened over and over, that this an Audacity problem (some people have posted the same issues). I will be probably ditching Audactiy in the future.

Please keep in mind that these podcasts are done on the fly, for free, when I have time. They were not intended for (and expressly should not be for) commercial use.

Thanks for listening. There will be a lot of activity on this blog in the coming days and weeks, now that I have time. Please stay tuned.