Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Callahan's SharePoint Foundation Live Presentation Series starts tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

I am currently editing the Mastering SharePoint Foundation book, and felt I needed to get out there and give you all a chance to see what is in the book, live, in the form of four 90 minute sessions loosely mapping to chapters in the book. (I could do more if there is interest, I've got a lot to talk about.) They are currently scheduled to occur every Thursday for four weeks starting with this week.

The first session will start tomorrow, Thursday 10/28/2010 at 3:00pm eastern time. The session will start with an introduction, of course. I'll want to make sure everyone can see and hear everything. I prefer to do pretty interactive sessions, so although all the audio will be me, I will be expecting Q&A comments, and status updates from my attendees so I can work with them during the session. Try that with a recording. ; )

Following the introduction will be a look at how to prepare and plan for implementing SharePoint Foundation. Once we've got that covered, we'll do a standalone installation of SharePoint Foundation, live, so you can see exactly what happens when SPF is installed, from prerequisites, to configuration. Then we'll take a look at the interface itself (time permitting).

Keep in mind that most of the session will be real, live demos of SharePoint, I don't really do a lot of slides (there will be some, for reference, but I'm more of a "show it to you rather than talk about it" kind of person).

The second session will cover how to do a Complete installation of SharePoint Foundation. Exploring more deeply how to create a web application and site collection, as well as manually configuring services that the Standalone installation did automatically.

The third session will cover users and permissions. This session addresses managing users, groups, permission levels, breaking inheritance, as well as quick glance at farm administration and the new delegated administrators group for Central Administration. See what has changed in terms of permissions and what hasn't.

The fourth session is actually still open to a certain degree. It will be an advanced session, mapping to chapter 16 of the book, but the attendees will decide (I'll be polling) the topics. The options are topics like Business Data Connectivity service, creating and using external content types, external lists and lookup fields using SharePoint Designer, introduction to Multi-Tenancy, Install, configure, administer Office Web Apps, and more.

If you have a facebook account, you can sign up to attend by visiting the event's facebook page at

There is no obligation to sign up, it just makes it easier for me to get a ballpark idea of how many people are going to attend, it lets you know who else is attending, and it lets you make and receive comments and updated information about the session. Later, because the session will be recorded, I can post a link there for the recorded session (I don't control the file location).

The direct link to the event is:

The sessions will be live meeting events, so be prepared to install live meeting 2007 client in case you don't already have it. These sessions are hosted by Microsoft through my MVP account. I will gladly do as many as my attendees (you) would like until the end of December (unless I am renewed, then I can do more). At this point, I've only got four planned. There will be audio, so be prepared if that will bother your co-workers.

I would love to see you all there.