Sunday, May 10, 2009

TechEd 2009

So I made it to TechEd this year. It was touch and go up to the last moment, so my apologies for not telling you I was going sooner.

Nonetheless, I'm here. I'll be working in the Windows Server area if you'd like to stop by.

Los Angelos, so far, is pretty cloudy, kind of cool (temps in the 60's) and ironically not that much different, except for the smog, than when I visited Seattle last March. The event is supposed to be smaller this year, according to rumor, reflecting the current economy, but I can't wonder if it's also because of the location of the venue. Nothing against LA, but for those who were hoping for New Orleans, well, it's hard to compare.

If there are any SharePoint related adventures to be had, I'll keep you all posted.