Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blacking out the site in protest against SOPA

For my 6 followers, I wanted to give you all a heads up. I will be blacking out this blog for a day in support of those who feel that SOPA and PIPA are too restrictive and are being considered by/voted on by/could be enforced by those who don't understand the internet. These laws, if they pass can cause (will likely cause) damage to the democracy of published content on the internet and free speech there. Please consider signing one (or every one) of the many petitions out there against these laws.

If you don't like the fact that so many useful or interesting sites are going black- then imagine what could happen if these laws were enacted. It would be very likely that they would either have to go offline or be censored so tightly as to be useless. Although every single bit of content in my blog entries is my own (as is evidenced by the typos), all it would take is a comment linked from somewhere that a big company didn't like and all my content, all my work to give you information, would be gone. So, in protest, I might as well black it out now. Please consider the ramifications of these laws and any like them when you vote for your politicians. Those that think this will be effective against pirates are too deep in the pockets of their corporate masters to realize that it will only be effective in stifling the constituents that actually vote for them.

You need a government for the people, by people- not for corporations, by corporations. We all do. Please help us keep the internet safe. Protest against SOPA and PIPA while we still can.

Thank you,
CA Callahan