Sunday, November 18, 2007

Argh-- WSS will no longer be a server role for Server 2008

Argh. Well, it's official. I knew, as of the release of the most recent build for 2008 (beta), that WSS 3.0 wasn't there as a server role, but I'd hoped it was something internal-- that it would come back.

Well, no. It seems that Server 2008 will not have SharePoint as a server role like it is for Server 2003 R2. This means that, when Server 2008 is released, WSS 3.0 will require a download and manual install, with all of the prep that would require.

Here's one of many blogs about it:

and a tiny peek at what you'll have to do to install WSS 3.0 on 2008:

It worries me for several reason. One is it implies that WSS is going to go through a version change soon, rendering my book somewhat obsolete months after it prints. Also, it implies that my existing implementations will soon require extensive upgrades as well-- so much work it boggles the mind. And it doesn't make me feel as if Microsoft is particularly confident about WSS as a product if they aren't willing to add it as a role to their new server product. What are they doing? Is it possible that there may no longer be a free, server role version of sharepoint in the future? (yes I know the blog seems pretty positive about offering WSS for free, but these are early days, and what exactly do they expect to have happen as part of the "development process"?) Is this a sign that MS regrets having both WSS and MOSS at one time and would like to eliminate WSS as a standalone product?

Man I hope not. However, I felt it necessary to give you the heads up. More on how to install WSS 3.0 on 2008 in detail soon, as well as ongoing information about what to expect when using it on server 2008.

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