Monday, January 7, 2008

Podcast- Introduction to WSS 3.0, part 1

My apologies to Richard, this should have been done sooner, but with the contract gig I am on and the holidays-- time ran away with me.

This podcast contains some introductory information about WSS 3.0. Covering topics such as:

  • what WSS 3.0 is,
  • what the difference is, especially in terms of licensing, between WSS and MOSS,
  • some foundational knowledge about the services WSS uses under the hood,
  • the basic concepts of the difference between basic and server farm installs,
  • why sharepoint uses web applications, service accounts, and more.

    To access the podcast just click on the title of this entry.

    Richard, I also wanted you to know that I was startled during the recording of the podcast and accidentally stood up and yanked the laptop off the table by the headset cord, and consequently, the pitch of the recording did change. Please let me know if it is seriously noticeable-- because I will be bummed that I damaged my laptop usb connector/headset.

    Tomorrow I have a conference call or two, and will be building slides, but feel free to email me with comments and/or questions.

    Thanks for listening and giving me reasons to do podcasts. : ) And for those of you stopping by and checking out the 'cast, feel free to comment as well. Just please be gentle, these podcasts are being created as time permits between work and sleep, and for free.

    Maybe later, if these things turn out to be useful, I'll invest some money into it. ; )



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the podcast. I found it informative and authoritative. I look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed you blog and sounds like you are a very hard worker: I remember what it was like to work booths at shows and give training sessions(big projects = hard work). In the May 2008 PCWorld mag. there's an article on pg. 96: "Thin, Ultalight Laptops That Beat MacBook Air." Five other T,UL systems from 5 different vendor beat Apple's new entry

Callahan said...

Thanks. ; )

I'm not really in the market for an ultra light laptop just yet, so, overall, I am still satisfied with my macbook.

However, if I should ever need one (and, let's face it, at 5'3", smaller hardware is better), the article will come in handy. So thanks for that too. : )