Monday, July 14, 2008

Pics of people at TechEd 2008 with Macs

Don't let it be said that Microsoft Professionals only use Dell, Acer, IBM, or Alienware laptops. They know good hardware when they see it.

So without further ado, let me introduce some Microsoft Professionals, both developers and IT pros, who were using Macs at TechEd. Let this stand as proof that there are people out there uninfluenced by the hype, who bought and use machines that simply work for them:

(my apologies for the blurriness, I was using a BlackJack II for these photos and the fluorescent lights were too much for the crappy camera to handle. Also, some of these photos had to be taken really really quickly because I was working and was risking reprimand as it was...)


The two guys that started it all. I found them working, each on a Mac laptop (the third guy was also working on a Mac but had gone for coffee or something), on the first day of the Developer Week of TechEd. They inspired me to take pictures (they even let me use their nice digital camera) of Mac users at the conference, as proof that they existed.

Their names, by the way, are Jeff Julian and Jerod Crump and they are the guys that drive the GeeksWithBlogs website . Thanks guys. : )


Two guys coincidentally both using MacBook Pros at TechEd.


Someone with a white Macbook hanging out on the couches behind the MCT Lounge during Dev' week.


A really nice guy with a MacBook Pro that let me set up his TechEd bag to lend a point of reference. ; ) It was a little blurry (of course), but because the text is in blue on the bag, you can tell he was attending the IT Pro week. Dev' week's logo was orange.


I got a chance to darken this photo so the apple on the MacBook Pro could stand out a little more...


One of the few nifty black Macbooks that I found at the conference. I've always wanted one, but I needed more horsepower for my presentations, so I had to go for the MacBook Pro. Still, I like the sticker embellishments... I noticed that embellishment on laptops was more prevalent during the Developer week than IT Pro (the attendee in the picture is from Dev' week, you can tell because of the orange lanyard for his conference pass). That said, I have a sticker on my MacBook pro, I wonder what that says about me?



More MacBook Pros being used during the TechEd IT Pro week.


Not only a MacBook Pro being used, but admired while at TechEd. ; ) As you can see here, the fact that the laptop was a Mac was a non-issue. It's what's running on the Mac that was of interest.


'Loved this guy. He totally grokked what I was going for and truly got into the spirit of the moment. "Yeah Baybee, I've got a Macintosh laptop. Oh, yeah. Check it out..." (And he was in the MCT Lounge, meaning he was an MCT too. Yet no one yelled at him. I guess my peers were probably getting exhausted by that point... <eg>)


Last but not least, another MacBook user, happily posing for the camera.

So there you go. Macs do exist in the world of business, being used to do work at home and away. And, thanks to Bootcamp (or Parallels), they're not just for people running the Mac OS anymore...

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