Thursday, November 4, 2010

Live SharePoint Foundation Presentation series: Session 2 - Complete Installation & Configuration Today!

Howdy all!

For those of you interested in some free training, the second of my four LIVE, online sessions will be held today at 3pm Eastern. The session will be primarily live demonstration of how to prepare for a Complete, farm installation of SharePoint Foundation, from preparing for managed accounts, to how to set up outgoing/incoming email, Business Data Connectivity, etc. See how to set up a web application and the first site collection.

In addition, get an insight to the Mastering SharePoint Foundation 2010 book itself, as the virtual machines used for these presentations are the same ones used throughout the book.

Since the presentation will be live, you can ask questions and interact with the presenter (well, me). There could even be a few hilarious bloopers you can't get in a recorded webcast.

Come one, come all the the free session today. Link:

For those interested, here's the facebook page for the event if you'd like to chat with other attendees, leave comments, and get extra information (requires a facebook account):

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