Friday, December 10, 2010

SharePoint Foundation 4 Admins series, session recordings

Well, the holiday season is upon us, and the year draws to a close.

My SharePoint Foundation 4 Admins, free, live, online training sessions are done. I did four scheduled sessions and two ad-hoc sessions.

Of the six sessions, I did manage to record four of them. Here they are:

Session 2, Complete Installation and Configuration

Session 3, Users and Permissions

Session 4, Business Data Connectivity (probably my favorite session, lots of fun)

Session 6, Multi-Tenancy (watch me type out every command, no smoke and mirrors here)

Keep in mind that these sessions were done for my peeps during a time when I was really working hard meeting deadlines for the Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 book, so I didn't get much time to prep (hours in most cases). The sessions were run from my laptop (with my iphone headset for a mic), in my dining room, using VMs from the server I am/was using for the book. They are about as live and candid as a session can be.
So if you missed the sessions and would like some free training, feel free to use the recordings. The recordings will expire about a year from the date of the sessions (so by the end of autumn 2011, they'll no longer be available).

Thanks for reading the blog. Thank you for those who attended the sessions, and have a happy holiday.


Anonymous said...

When I click on the link for the recorded sessions I get the following error:
The requested recording could not be viewed. The recording ID or key may be incorrect.

Callahan said...


Thank you for posting. You are right. For some reason, Microsoft has removed the recordings of my sessions from their server.

I'm sorry about that. I was given to believe that the recording would be there for 365 days from the date of the recording.

But apparently, that is not the case.

I apologize for disappointing you on this. I too am not happy that the recordings have been removed.

Because these session recordings are no longer available for viewing, I would like to re-record them using a different product, maybe freebinar or something, so I can make that content (and more) available. Would you be willing to attend if that is the case?

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely be interested. I have your first book Mastering WSS 3.0 and like your style. I have just inherited a WSS 3 at work and I'm also being asked to setup a eval environment for SPF 2010. What's the latest estimate for the new book?

Callahan said...

Thanks for your response. I'll post here as a blog entry when my next sessions will be then. I'll be using an online meeting product I've never used before, so it ought to be fun. (I feel I need to to try to have some control on the recordings)

I just finished doing the page proof edits last week and the Mastering SPF book is scheduled to be available for order on Feb. 15. However, I really don't control that part of the process (actually, I've learned I've got little say in *any* part of the process, believe or not) so I can't guarantee anything. But they've had that date posted for a while, so I'm hoping it is solid.