Thursday, November 1, 2012

SharePoint Foundation 2013 release version is available for download today!

Hi there folks,

So I'm back from SEF 2012 in Stockholm Sweden (really great people, really great city, really great coffee...).

While I was there I presented two sessions on the public preview beta version of SharePoint Foundation 2013.  I had some issues, as you would expect with a beta, but I pretty much was able to do what I needed to.

Ironically, the day after the event ended, SharePoint Server 2013 RTM version (the public release, final product version) became available for download on TechNet and MSDN.

Woah Wow... (think scooby doo noise) Sad timing, but at least it will give people a chance to check it out before SharePoint Conference in mid-November.

But, despite the Server version being available for download since 10/24/2012-- SharePoint FOUNDATION RTM version was NOT available for download anywhere.

Until today.

So for those of you wanting to try out SharePoint Foundation 2013 for yourself, maybe because you're considering upgrading, maybe because you are considering taking the plunge and using SharePoint in your organization, or maybe because you're considering getting certified or learning to consult in SharePoint and want to get your feet wet using the free, foundational, less complicated product first, before trying to tackle all those complicated service applications and additional features of the paid for version.

For whatever reason you might want to get your hands on SharePoint Foundation 2013-- the release version is available for download today.

SharePoint Foundation 2013:

Here's the language packs for SPF 2013 as well:

Oh, and in addition, the rather gimped, but still useful for workflows SharePoint Designer 2013 is also available for download today:


Mike Jankowski said...

Thank you so much for the write-up and also the links! I thought I had searched well, but repeatedly ended up at the SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview download.

Take care,

P.S. - Google Account seems to not work for organizations who've deployed SAML 2.0 based SSO.

Callahan said...

No problem Mike, glad I could help. I too had the same problem you did. That's why, when I *did* find the real file, I felt compelled to post about it. It was frustrating to say the least.