Saturday, July 11, 2009

A few SharePoint-y things going on

I've got two things going on this month involving my sessions that I thought you might want to know about:

1-- The SSWUG folks are rebroadcasting every, single session I've ever done for them (including the ones that are not my favorites, lol). If you're interested (and you are/or want to become a member of that online SQL user group), the sessions will be streamed essentially back to back on the 22nd and 23rd of this month (July 2009). I'll be there for the live chats if you'd like to come visit. To see what those sessions are, check out their blurbs in the "Happenin' things" section of this blog on the right of the page.

(Some inside knowledge for my readers, the frugal admin series of sessions were done this year. The camera set up in the "new" studio was a bit awkward for me, but otherwise I was pretty well rested, familiar with the situation, and healthier. However, for the sessions that are being repeated from 2008, I wasn't so lucky. I was completely new to talking to a camera in an otherwise empty room, had a bit of food poisoning that day, and was suffering from a touch of undiagnosed clinical hypothyroidism (it's since been taken care of, but at the time I was struggling to do the hours and hours of presentation in the new environment). The first presentation of that set (and still my favorite content to do, ever) was about exploring (and exploiting) the free templates available online at Codeplex and Microsoft (namely the fantastic 40 templates). Since then I have expanded that session for the frugal admin series to include a bunch of nifty free tools... but I digress. That freebie session, as it were, is the best of the 2008 sessions, because it was the first one. After that I was so completely exhausted I was grey. So if you'd like to see me working under duress, feel free to stop by and check out those additional 2008 sessions... ; )

2-- On July 25th, I'll be in Baltimore (actually at the UMBC training center, 1442 South Rolling Road in Halthrope Maryland) at the free SharePoint Saturday event, presenting the Dashboards session of the Frugal Admin series. I am not sure exactly when my session will be that day, but I am hoping it'll be in the afternoon, for those of you wanting to drive up and check it out. I'll be giving away a free copy of my book (I only have three copies for giveaway there)-- and, of course, I'll be glad to sign it for you. This is a live and in person event, at no cost to you (except for travel), so if you can make it, I'd love to see you there.

In August I hope to have more time to finish creating the fall and winter Frugal Admin sessions. This will also be the time I put the spring sessions to pasture and offer them for free on my site (making those videos will take some time, so they'll be up no earlier than the end of the month). So stay tuned, this busy summer should soon be winding down, which will give me more time to post things here (and I do have all kinds of ideas).

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