Monday, July 13, 2009

Some sneak peek info about the next version of SharePoint, SharePoint 2010

This morning Microsoft posted some preview info about SharePoint 2010 on their SharePoint site: This site has several videos, one for a general overview, one for IT Pros, and one for Developers. In addition, there's data on what kind of specs the new SharePoint will need.

What isn't covered, and this isn't surprising, is what exactly will be in the new Server edition, and what will be available in good old SharePoint Services 2010.

As far as details, well, they're being held of until October, for the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Apparently, it's at that event that SharePoint 2010 is really going to be unveiled.

Now, I can send in abstracts for the event and possibly speak there. However, I am not sure what people would like to see. So if you've got ideas for sessions, questions about the new version of SharePoint Services that might be a good session topic, or otherwise think it's a good idea for me to present at that event, please let me know. : ) I've been spending the summer doing Frugal Admin stuff, and could use some brainstorming.

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