Friday, January 15, 2010

Little things about the SPF book

Howdy all.

I am hard at work on installation chapter of the Mastering SharePoint Foundation 2010 book. This is only supposed to be a "revision" book, which means that I am supposed to only revise what's in the original Mastering Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 book, not rewrite it from scratch.  But there's a lot of new stuff in there.

; )

But as you know, there are so many things that are different with this version of SharePoint, that what I am doing is using as much of the old layout, organization (well, whatever is best for the data I have now), etc., as I can, and simply writing from scratch what I can't.  So there will be a lot of new things, and maybe some improvements that I wanted to apply to the first book and couldn't, and so on.

I will be using essentially the same domain and server names.  I will be primarily working in three, maybe four VMs-- DC1, RR1, SPF1 (or SPF2, depending on where I am in the book-- SPF1 is the standalone install, SPF2 is the complete install), and possibly the W7Client.

The configuration of these VMs are as follows (in case you want to install your own matching lab):

All servers will be running Server 2008 R2 as their OS, and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for the client.

DC1-- domain controller (of course) and mail server.
RR1-- RRAS, SQL server 2008, SP1 with CU2 (of course, otherwise SPF is unhappy)
SPF1- WCF hotfix, SPF2010 installer, Standalone install
SPF2- WCF hotfix, SPF2010 installer, Server Farm, Complete install
SPF3- WCF hotfix, SPF2010 installer, Server Farm, Complete install (for load balancing demos)
W7Client- Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010, Firefox 3.5 (or higher by the time the book prints)

I may also have an SPF4 to demo a Active Directory Account Creation mode install.

Speaking of ADAC, something I have to think about in the coming months is what was formerly chapter 15, the advanced stuff chapter.  I am going to start running out of room in this book, so I may have to omit things that were in the previous version in order to include new features.  I am wondering if maybe Directory Management Service (DMS) and ADAC should be omitted in order to include a complete section on Business Data Connectivity and maybe Office Web Apps (depending on how the licensing turns out)?

What do you think?  Did a lot of you use DMS with WSS 3.0?  How about ADAC?  I mean, it was good to know, and no one else was writing about it, but do you need them to be updated and included in the SPF book?

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