Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Office/SharePoint 2010 Launch Events

So, SharePoint Foundation 2010 is releasing in mid-May (as are SharePoint Server 2010, Office 2010, and Visual Studio 2010). And to celebrate the release, as they always do, Microsoft is having Launch events.

Unlike they always do, and possibly in response to the economy, the locations where the day long events, full of swag and experts, will be sadly limited.

To see the planned agenda for the event and get your seat first (before they run out), go to https://microsoft.crgevents.com/Register2010/Content/Event_Selection.aspx. You'll find a list of the cities hosting launch events. To sign up you'll need to pick a track, IT Pro or Developer.

And, what about the folks who don't live anywhere near these lucky cities (like myself)?

Well, I found out today that there is a scaled down, half day, less stuff, less content, but still Launch focused "Launch 2010 Highlights" launch event being held at other, less popular cities.

--Basically look at it as the Tier 1 cities, with the higher population, the ones that spend the most money with Microsoft, get the full day real Launch events, and lower tiers get the "highlight" reel. Money's tight everywhere.--

Nonetheless, to register for at least the short (fun sized) version of the 2010 Launch event, go to http://www.microsoft.com/business/2010events/Highlights.aspx. That's what I did.

Besides, I'm am a little busy writing a book. Maybe I shouldn't spend a whole day away from my desk. Maybe a half day event is perfect for me.

Here's hoping, whichever event you can get to, that it'll be perfect for you too.

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